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Chinese tea
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Chinese Tea Tea was first discovered and drunk in China. As the hometown of tea, China owns a deep tea culture from ancient times. For Chinese people, it is not only a popular beverage which is brewed with boiled water over cured leaves, with a lot of health benefits. Moreover, it keeps a central piece of Chinese traditional culture, attaching great importance to spiritual enjoyment and ethics. Today, China still accounts for 60% of tea plantations in the world and a great number of tea gardens scatter in more than 20 provinces throughout the country. Chinese Tea Types Chinese tea can be classified in many ways, such as quality, producing area, growth environment and processing method. Here we talk about is the most common classification of Chinese tea: basic tea and reprocessing tea. The basic tea, mostly divided into 6 major types, is according to the degree of fermentation (oxidation) which is directly reflected in the color of tea. The reprocessing tea is the tea reprocessed from basic tea, which includes flower tea like jasmine tea, compressed tea, liquid tea, instant tea and herbal tea.