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  • Our Story jingmai tea is the brand of shenzhen seasons industrial co ltd, the largest first class wild tea supplier in the world more
  • Our Teas Vast selection of teas sourced directly from our farms. Select from various tea grades, tea types, scented teas, and tea blends. Ideal for RTD, private label, iced tea, and new product development. more
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ShenZhen Seasons Industrial Co.Ltd
ShenZhen Seasons
ShenZhen Seasons Industrial Co.Ltd was found by ChangQing Li.The company deals in the health products,in particular,  the wild tea from JingMai mountain,YunNan ,China.
JingMai mountain is located on 1400metres altitude; It is a famous and the oldest ancient tea plantation in the world, more than 1800 years history.
Our company founded process has an intetesting love story.
ZenZen is Mr Li''s wife, a beautiful,nice lady,was the marketing manager of a big company.She always busy with tasks every day,such as marketing report,advertisement program estimate ,have a meeting with customers etc.The succes in her career was building up,however her health getting poorer,So she often had headaches and felt tired.
Mr Li love his wife,and worry about her health.He spent more time for try to resolve the problem.Try many methods,but was faced disappointment again and again.
One day,Mr Zhang,good friend of Mr Li,a local farmer at JingMai mountain,sent some JingMai puer tea to Mr Li and told Mr Li his tea could be improve ZenZen health.
One weekend, ZenZen friend XinPing went to her home,zenzen made some JingMai Puer tea with XinPing. This time,they were amazed by its special taste and strong aroma.
Three cups tea late, their body began to hot up,ZenZen headache was easing.There was a big difference with other tea they used before.
From then on,ZenZen began loving this kind of tea.A month late,ZenZen headache never happen again,her health was back in good condition.
With their holiday coming up,Mr Li and ZenZen decided to visit Mr Zhang in JingMai ,YunNan province.
When they arrieved there, found nearly thousands tea trees on the JingMai mountain, as Mr Zhang told them these trees has been growing for about hundreds of years. Each one being about 10 metres high.
JingMai tea trees grows naturally,harmonious with other kind of plants together, a perfect natural system here.
For local farmers living near the JingMai mountain,the government divided these tea trees to each farmily.
In order to share these speacial tea with more friends in the world.Mr Li cooperated with local farmers,signed long-term partnership contract with them.
So Mr Li,ZenZen and XinPing are the founders of ShenZhen Seasons Industrial Co.,Ltd, and register JingMai brand.
Brand JingMai tea, all fresh tea leaves from JingMai mountain.Its whole manufacture process is natural,in order to for keep its special taste with strict quality control system.Our tea enable you to get beauty,health body,good appetite,lose weight,improve metabolism,anti-aging,strenghen immunity,is an ideal healthy drinking product in the world

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